Webfeet publishes the 'events list' in a calendar format as well as a web page. It's possible to tell your favourite calendar program to follow it - depending on whether it works or not depends on whether the favourite program can read 'ical' format calendars.

If you click on the following link, for example:

You will, depending on whether you have a calendar program installed on your computer, be prompted to import the collection of events or just download the file to your disc.

Calendars in Gmail

Login in to your gmail and click on the 'calendar' link.

You'll get an empty calendar where you can create or view entries. On the left hand side of the page you'll have a small box with 'My Calendars' and 'Other Calendars'. If you click on the 'Add' at the top of this you'll get an option the 'Add by URL', click on this and the screen will change to one prompting for the URL of the calendar.

If you want to be able to see all events give:

Or you can select your nearby counties, doing one at a time:

You'll see that each appears in the 'Other calendars' list with a different colour. You can click in the downward arrow on the right of the entry to rename the calendar (you'll see a 'Calendar settings' opion and a palette of colours). it makes sense to rename the 'everything' calendar 'All Webfeet' and the county listings to their county names.

You can then chose to display all events or the ones in your locality by ticking and clearing the check boxes on the left of the calendars.

Google regularly re-read the diaries, quite frequently but not quite every day, but it should show events as they get added to Webfeet.

If you want to see the details of an event in the calendar, click on it and you'll find a 'more details' link. This will show you as much info as Webfeet has including the links to the source websites.

Unclear locations

The eagle eyed will see that the county calendars include most but not all events listed in the Webfeet HTML. The exceptions are the gigs organised in ambiguous places - where there might be two towns/villages of the same name in different parts of the country.