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Combining the best in British folk music with modern rock and reggae rhythms, Tumbling Tom is an experienced English Country Dance Band that provides strong infectious music for ceilidh/folk dances.

The band have a well established pedigree of musical ability and experience, with many years playing in the North West including festivals at Kendal, Redcar, Fylde, and Clitheroe.

The band's current line-up is:

Fiona Loynes
Caller, synthesiser, whistle, flute
Les Ord
Caller, percussion
Hugh Taylor
Melodeon, trombone, vocals
Steve Tomlinson
Lead and rhythm guitars
Tony Farren
Bass guitar, mouth harp


>Beats Working

Tumbling Tom, 1999, CD

  • Lewis James Quadrille / Le Fleur de Bruyerre
  • Marmalade Polka / (J. Kirkpatrick)
  • Brass Nuts
  • Bit Between The Teeth (S. Tomlinson) / Scampi Tales / Fiery Clockface
  • The Keys / Stybarrow Crag
  • Bear Dance
  • Woodland Flowers / Seven Stars
  • Astley's Ride / Lichfied Tattoo (H.Taylor)
  • Three Round Three
  • My Love she's but a Lassie yet / Jamie Allen / Davy Kick Knack
  • Tower Farm (H.Taylor) / The Knott (H.Taylor)
  • Double Lead Through / La Bastringue
  • Banish Misfortune / HF48 (H.Taylor)
  • Johnny Todd / Durham Rangers
  • Perfect Cure / Uncle's Jig
  • Sir Roger de Coverley / The New Long Room at Scarborough

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