Pepper in the Brandy Peppered

Pepper in the Brandy, 2001, PITB CD02

  • Jump at the Sun (John Kirkpatrick) / Swallow Tails (Trad)
  • Philippe Bruneau's Reel (P. Bruneau) / Pink Elephants (Unknown)
  • The Kesh Jig (Trad) / Lannigan's Ball (Trad)
  • Jan Mijne Man (Trad) / Go Mauve (Unknown)
  • Random Jig (Trad) / Dingles Regatta (Trad)
  • Rambling Sailor (Trad) / William Taylor's Table Top Hornpipe (Dave Shepherd)
  • Susie's Waltz (Trad) / Flatworld (Andy Cutting)
  • The Plain Tree (Unknown) / Mystery Jig (I. Wilson) / Spirit of the Dance (Trad)
  • Soldiers Joy (Trad) / Drowsy Maggie (Trad)
  • Monkey in the Box (N. Cooke) / Badger Trippin' (Trad)
  • Pepper in the Brandy (John Kirkpatrick)