Rumour has it that there's more than one OTR. Certainly one has played at Sidmouth and the another one hasn't (yet).

Jon Shepherd from OTR2, from the one who hasn't (yet), writes to clear up any confusion....

A versatile five piece band playing english, french and irish music - plugged!. As far as we know the only band to have two callers. Influences from Fairport Convention to Blowsabella. Suitable for all ages, weddings, birthdays, festivals, and corporate events. Not recorded a CD yet but a demo tape is available on request from the website, as are several audio clips of the band, plus a selection of the many instruments used. Sometimes 22 on stage at any one time!. Tight and powerful music, easy to dance to for newcomers.

Contact +44 (0)1376 340463 (tel/fax)

Jon Shepherd,, 1997/03/27