Famous Potatoes Barndancing

Famous Potatoes, 1998, CD SSMC1

  • Cherokee Shuffle / Paddy won't you drink some Cider (Trad)
  • Newton Grove (C.R. Underwood) / George Washington (Trad)
  • Choupique Two Step (N. Abshire)
  • All the way to Galway / Winster Galop / The Rakes of Marlow (Trad)
  • The Rakes of Kildare / The Railway (Trad)
  • Blue Moon of Kentucky (B. Monroe)
  • Thirty Pound Waltz (C. Skelton)
  • Springfield Girl / Sourwood Mountain (Trad)
  • Viva Seguin (S. Jimenez)
  • Jamalaya (H. Williams)
  • Maxwell Smart (P. McDowell)
  • Lament for the Death of the Rev. Archie Beaton (J. Mason)
  • Eighth of January / Elzie's Farewell (Trad)
  • Hindustan (Weeks and Wallace)
  • The Repeal of the Licensing Laws (S. Stacy)

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