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Ceilidh Calling - Billy's hornpipe
This is the home page for John Brown a Sheffield based ceilidh caller
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Eddie Upton

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Review of the English Ceilidh band 'Peeping tom'
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Barn Dances at Godalming Borough Hall

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SRFN Miscellany: Henry Burstow: Reminiscences of Horsham: 6
Henry Burstow, Reminiscenses of Horsham, 1911
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Forthcoming programme for Knees Up Cecil Sharp Ceilidhs at Cecil Sharp House, London
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Dance to Tumbling Tom Big Band with Fiona Rigg & Les Ord presented by Crook Morris

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PolkaWorks [Cancelled], Godalming. Tue, 16 May 2034

Tom Pate
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Tumbling Tom - Ceilidh Band
Tumbling Tom Band 'the ceilidh roots dance band for people out there'
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