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Expert-verified index of over 6,000 traditional Irish tunes. Includes alternate titles, exact locations of the tune on CDs and in tunebooks, tune publication histories, top session tunes, and statistics. Irish Traditional Music Tune Index. Alan Ng's Tunography / Reports, Charts, Graphs / Publications / How is this index useful?
Waltz Country Dance (version 2)

Montreal Session Tunebook
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EntsWeb (short for Entertainments Web) is a directory of entertainment, entertainers, music, musicians and event services. From party bands to balloon rides. If you want entertaining this is the place.
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Take The Biscuit
Take the Biscuit, New English Ceilidh Band, Trevor Lines Bass, Matt Brookes Accordion, Beth Gifford Viola, Rob Gifford Drums. Upcoming gigs. Available for bookings

Dance Technique: Phrasing and Timing
Knock-Kneed Bumblebee Band for your barn dance and ceilidh in Surrey and South London - Home
The Knock-Kneed Bumblebee Band is a Surrey based barn dance band specialising in charity and social barn dances
For your barn dance in Surrey & South London / Contact us
Sarah - Ceilidh Caller - Home
Ceilidh / barn dance caller. Based in Stoke-on-Trent with no objection to travelling.
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Society of Folk Dance Historians
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The Swing

The Swing

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Beth Gifford's Full , All workshops, ceilidhs and folk club performances