The webfeet search indexes information about the English Ceilidh dance scene but there is a substantial overlap with more genteel English Folk dance, Contra, Bal Folk, Cajun and other styles.

These text searches are done in a plain and simple manner. The system returns you a list with the pages which include more of your search terms higher up in the list.

You can also search for events where you can look for gigs by a particular band or in a particular location


There's no sophisticated boolean logic, that is 'ands' and 'or's, available or ways of requiring a term to appear. Putting a '+' in front of a term will mean however that it will be taken more seriously and putting a '-' in front means that pages including this term are shown lower in the list.

A hit shows you the title of the page, the description Meta tag (if one was supplied) and the list of the section headings

See also

  • The list of keywords collected from the pages indexed, this will give a feel for the sort of information that a search request could find. (Note these keywords are a collection of what the pages say they contain. Keywords are a bit notorious for lying in this regard)
  • The History page showing the 20 or so most recent search requests.