This index covers the all styles of caller If you are looking for a caller in a particular area check the index sorted by county.

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Styles... Who are you going to call?

Some of these callers may specialise in English Country Dance, Barn dance or English Ceilidh. A good English Country Dance caller knows a wide range of dances inside out and can choose dances to challenge even the most accomplished dancers; a good Barn Dance caller has the ability to encourage reluctant dancers onto the floor, help them through the evening with careful explanations and minimum of jargon; a good English Ceilidh caller can put together an evening of simple and high energy dances with good matching of tunes and dances.

Callers can of course have one or any of these skills but if you are putting on an event you need to know who your audience are, whether they already know the dances or not and whether they are and energetic bunch or not and chose your bands and caller appropriately.

... Then add in some consideration whether you want dances with an English, Scottish or American slant.

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