Gloworms Running Joak

Gloworms, 2007, EFDSSCD14

  • The Battered Hake Polka (C. Cotter) / Jon O'Groats (J. Brenner)
  • The Tank (Trad) / Mr Cosgill's Delight (Trad)
  • Kit White's I (Trad) / Kit White's II (Trad)
  • Don Juan One (Trad) / William Taylor's Tabletop Hornpipe (D. Shepherd)
  • Serpentiner Och Konfetti (M. Edèn)
  • Barham Down (Trad) / Yellow Joak (Trad) / The Go! of London City (Trad)
  • Horses Never Smile (J. Oates)
  • Cuddly House (J. Brenner)
  • Llama Riding (C. Cotter) / Dr Faustus's Tumblers (Trad)
  • Trip to Nobody's (C. Cotter) / Herbert the Sherbet (M. Ellison)
  • Julian and Sandy are Bronze (C. Cotter) / The Battery Hornpipe (L. Swift)