English Rebellion Four Across

English Rebellion, 2009, WGS370CD

  • Merry Month (J. Sommerville) / Squirrel in a Tree (Unknown)
  • Tricky Dicky (C. Cater) / Liberation Polka (C. Cater)
  • Harry Enfield's Waltz (N. Barber) / String Quartet (N. Barber)
  • Gypsy's Wedding
  • Spanish Patriots / Duke of York's Hornpipe (Trad)
  • The Cream Pot / Bang Upp (Trad)
  • Will You Watch My Pants for Me?
  • La Fete de Village / Hornpipe (Trad)
  • S-M Hornpipe (D. Roberts) / Red Lion (Trad) / Tumbler's Hornpipe (Trad)
  • Bath Hornpipe / Miss Gayton's Hornpipe (Trad)
  • Said Too Much Already (N. Barber) / Wals voor Polle (W. Poesen)
  • Chatsworth House (Trad) / Dummy Head (J. Kirkpatrick)
  • Bonny Bunch of Roses-O! / Last of June (Trad)
  • Angela Mary Lee (N. Barber) / Like a Bee to a Honeypot (N. Barber)
  • Uncle Jim's Barn Dance (Trad) / The Prince Albert Jig (F. Headford)

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